PAI-NET serves to make the best practice of the instrumental analytical technology to realize the affluent future through the individual's net work beyond their region,organization and occupation.


Our Activity

Seminar, Course, and Training

To achieve our mission, it is necessary to improve the position of technicians for instrumental analysis. To improve the position, PAI-NET manage the school that educates by the seminar and by the course and provide skill up training. To promote the personal growth effort of the experts who executes the instrumental analysis is helped, and to promote the improvement of a technological ability is supported.

The seminar and the course have been held since 2004.

Outline of course of PAI-NET

1) Afternoon course


  • 1. Education course for nonspecialist
    It lectures on the outline of the instrumental analysis for the person who doesn't receive professional education at university; for example,the salesman and the service engineer who handles the analysis equipment.
    Ex. Introduction to Instrumental analysis
    Basic concept of bio-material
  • 2. Education course for beginners
    It lectures on the outline of the analytical equipment for the beginner assigned to the analytical lab.
    Ex. Introduction to liquid chromatography
    Introduction to scanning electron microscopy
  • 3. Education course for system engineer
    It lectures on the basis for the engineer who develops the analytical equipment.
    Ex. Computer control system for measurement and data processing


2) Nighttime course 


  • 1. Introduction course
    It lectures on the outline or the instrumental analysis for the beginner
    Ex. Sampling of environmental sample
  • 2. Fundamental course
     It lectures on the base at the undergraduate level of the instrumental analysis.