Instrumental Analysts

Qualification system for professionals of instrument analysis

PAI-NET has constructed the qualification system that evaluated the execution ability of the instrumental analysis.

The role of technicians and operators became more important, as advanced industrialization society request the reliability and objectively in the measurement value of analytical instrument and the result of analysis.

To attempt the legend of the knowledge of the instrumental analysis and the improvement of the skill, new qualification system has constructed

In the qualifying examination of the beginner's class, the presence of knowledge necessary to execute work is recognized. In the qualifying examination of the middle class, the presence of the ability that can be analyzed with a analytical
equipment is recognized. In the qualifying examination of the higher rank, the ability that the laboratory can be managed is recognized.

The qualifying examination of the 1st was executed in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Kyoto in August, 2007. The examination was only a paper test of the beginner's class. There were 46 examinees, and 29 beginner's class instrumental analysts people were born

The qualifying examination of the 2nd beginner's class is scheduled to be done in August, 2008. The examination of the first middle class is planned at the same time.

Instrumental Analysts

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